Mommy Burnout: the exhaustion of overworked mothers

Feeling exhausted after a day at work (whether inside or outside the home) is normal. After all, who never spent the whole day dreaming about finishing all the tasks, taking a shower and tossing in bed until the next day? Feeling tired is normal and is part of the busy life of fathers and mothers, especially considering the moment of collective tension due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social isolation we are experiencing.

However, when the feeling of tiredness becomes constant, generating stress , demotivation and problems in daily life , it is time to reflect on the causes and consequences of this exhaustion. After all, exaggerated tiredness can be a psychic disorder.

Have you heard of Burnout Syndrome?

In English, burnout means exhaustion, depression, fatigue. Also known as professional burnout syndrome, Burnout Syndrome is a psychic disorder marked by the feeling of exhaustion, emotional tension and chronic stress generated by excessive dedication to work . Basically, it is when a worker goes through a state of stress so great that he cannot stand the pressure and “pifa”.

When this happens, it is often necessary to even leave work and / or sick leave. People who generally tend to go through this psychic condition are the most dedicated and perfectionist professionals, who demand too much of themselves to achieve their goals, or those who are experiencing excessive demands in the work environment.

Mommy Burnout: the maternity burnout syndrome

Paralleling the professional burnout syndrome, in the United States the term Mommy Burnout is already used to refer to the chronic exhaustion and stress of overworked mothers in their maternal routine . Once again, feeling tired at the end of a long day is natural, as long as exhaustion does not turn into something constant, disrupting other activities and causing the mother to lose her interest and motivation for things she previously liked to do.

As in professional burnout, the condition most commonly occurs with mothers who charge themselves too much to achieve an unrealistic expectation of “perfect motherhood” . It is impossible to be a 100% good mother 100% of the time . In addition to constant exhaustion, Mommy Burnout is also accompanied by other symptoms, such as irritability, lack of interest, motivation and purpose, lack of pleasure in caring for children, as well as frequent negative thoughts. Of course, these symptoms can be part of our lives at certain times, so it is necessary to pay attention to the intensity and frequency of these feelings to know when it is time to seek professional help.